Reseller Hosting for You

If you are already paying for hosting services, wouldn’t it be nice to get some of that money back? That is the basic principle behind reseller hosting from—sell your unused space for profits, write-offs or to offset some of your operating costs.


The hosting world is only going to continue to grow because more and more users are able to be responsible for their own digital presence. With ready-to-go templates on WordPress and similar formats, it’s getting easy to create and maintain your own website.

Video games continue to grow in popularity and price points, and hosting game servers, from Minecraft to Halo, will always be needed.

So with all of this influx of hosting options, there’s no reason why you can’t benefit as well. Getting started with reseller hosting is easy; just click here to begin. will help you with the transition of taking your unused server space and making it available to a third party.

Have questions that you want answered right away? A VPS6 representative is waiting to chat with you right on the homepage.

Make money while you host your own domains and game servers with reseller hosting from

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