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Reseller Hosting for You

If you are already paying for hosting services, wouldn’t it be nice to get some of that money back? That is the basic principle behind reseller hosting from VPS6.net—sell your unused space for profits, write-offs or to offset some of your operating costs. The hosting world is only going to continue to grow because more […]

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Server FAQs

What exactly is a virtual server? A virtual private server or virtual dedicated server performs like a stand-alone server but is actually found on a partitioned physical server. The isolated server environment doesn’t have its own hardware but uses the allocated hardware from the host. Why do I need a virtual private server (VPS)? A […]

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Shellshock Bash Bug not a Concern for VPS6

When you hear the terms “seamless scalability,” “unrivaled performance” and “guaranteed quality,” it is easy to throw those claims in with every other hosting company. But when new viruses, malware and bugs appear out of nowhere, the best hosting companies will be one step ahead of the malfunction. VPS6.net, for example, through industry-leading Supernodes and […]

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Website Hosting Benefits

Never be restricted by hosting limitations again. Businesses expand rapidly, and when they need a global outreach, they need a company that can give them the fastest possible transfer speeds around the world. Vsp6.net web hosting is centered around the most reliable and secure hosting technologies currently available (including CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, and cPanel). The pledge […]

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Security and Hosting—What You Need to Know

It doesn’t matter if you are a small/local business owner that only has one website, a big corporation with multiple sites, or if you yourself host third party websites (reseller hosting), security is a major concern. All it takes is one action and the entire server can get blacklisted, making it impossible to send and […]

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Web Design & Developers Benefiting from Reseller Hosting

Within the digital marketplace, customer satisfaction is a huge priority. There is a constant struggle to provide the products and services that the online world wants while still being competitive in terms of pricing. Web designers and developers will often have a plethora of clients that, once the initial engineering is completed for their site […]

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Save Money with Reseller Hosting

In the world of web hosting, there are many different options: virtual private server (VPS), dedicated hosting, collocation centre, cloud hosting, shared, clustered, reseller and more. Like many other things, one size does not fit all. Different hosting options align with different uses and specific hardware and equipment needs. There is one hosting option, however, […]

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The Dominance of a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

When it comes to hosting, businesses focus on two main issues: speed and reliability. Now those may seem like obvious goals for any company, whether they have a website or not, but it is especially important for businesses that need to quickly connect with their client base and need to have a website that is […]

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Major Changes in Website Hosting

When the Internet was first coming into prominence at the turn of the century, there were only a couple of hosting options and the technology had yet to catch up to the speed needs of the user. Decades later, web hosting has become a major factor in the performance and output of your website. With […]

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Is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) the Best Option?

Hosting companies get calls all the time about their clients’ email not working, a slow site, problems with their servers and other issues. Hopefully these customer concerns will not affect your business, and you can take certain steps to ensure your hosting options are the best available. Basic hosting options include shared, virtual and dedicated. […]

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