Master Service Agreement

This Master Service Agreement constitutes a binding contractual agreement between VPS6.NET, hereinafter "VPS6.NET" or "VPS6.NET", and the recipient of services ("Customer"). The Master Service Agreement shall include the Terms of Service (TOS), the Service Level Agreement (SLA), and the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The Customer agrees to be bound by all terms and agreements found herein.

The TOS, SLA, and AUP are subject to changes at any time, with fourteen (14) days notice given to the Customer of retroactive changes. Modifications to any part of the Master Service Agreement may be requested by the Customer, but must be formally agreed to in writing by VPS6.NET.

Terms of Service (TOS)

VPS6.NET's Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy are binding agreements, which are accepted and agreed to with all services provided by VPS6.NET.

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Service Level Agreement governs VPS6.NET's service quality guarantees, and is applicable to all services as part of this Master Service Agreement.

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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The aim of the Acceptable Use Policy is to provide clear guidelines for allowed, and disallowed, usage of services provided by VPS6.NET.

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